Some days it seems like Hollywood wouldn’t recognize a new idea if it dropped a house on top of them. Many people are growing weary of the slew of films based on comic books, regular books, and even remakes of earlier movies.

For better or worse, this is not a new trend in Hollywood. Even in the heyday of their pre-war studio Golden Age, books were getting adapted into movies. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as some of those movies are considered classics today.

One such classic is The Wizard of Oz. Based on a book written in 1900, the 1939 film is not actually the first film version, as a silent movie came out as early as 1910. The 1939 film is a wondrous blend of sepia, color, and music. That’s right, it’s a musical, technically.

The story follows Dorothy, a 16 year-old Judy Garland playing a 12 year-old farm girl who dreams of a life over the rainbow. In the process she finds a world of wonder and magic that is definitely not in Kansas anymore, though most people would consider that an improvement.

The Wizard of Oz can come across as a coming of age story, but it’s really more a journey of self discovery and the importance of home. That is, home in the sense of people who love you and a place where you can hang your hat.

The movie is a journey filled with wonder, magic, color, and comedy. It is a classic whose faults are more in line with the technology of the times than the film itself. That said, perhaps the greatest faults are the liberties taken with adapting the movie into a book. Such liberties are usually a given when adapting works from one media to another. In an interesting case, The Wizard of Oz not only adapts the book, it also adapts portions of the few works to come before its creation.

Changes aside, the film is not only a classic of Hollywood’s heyday, it’s a wonderful tale for the child in all of us that is sure to delight any audience. Though intended as a kid’s movie, there is something for everyone to enjoy. A delightful ride from start to finish, The Wizard of Oz is an adventure for the heart as much as the eye, for those brave enough to travel the yellow brick road.

They’re honestly isn’t much bad to say against the film, and is sure to be enjoyed by the whole family. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you are probably familiar with the film. That is just one of many reasons you should watch it, so that you can fully experience the magic and wonder for yourself. Though it is an older movie, it is still a fun ride from its sepia toned start all the way to the end. Whether you want to watch it with your kids or the kid in you, the film is a must for fans of the classics or a good old time.