The Ring (2002)

The Ring is the American remake of the original Japanese film Ring, released in 1998 and based in the homonym novel by the author Koji Suzuki. The film is one of the highest paying American horror movies, and that resulted in the creation of a small saga, being the first of the three-part saga consisting of The Ring, The Ring 2 and Rings. 

The film received mostly positive critics, that highlighted the visuals and how, with no overuse of gory scenes, the creepy and uneasy images featured in the film were able to get under your skin and create the classic feeling of discomfort that every good horror movie should cause to its audience. 


A mysterious videotape seems to be killing everyone who watches it. Two teenage girls, Katie and Becca, are arguing about a legend that states that there’s a cursed tape going around which contains a series of gruesome and incongruent images. Apparently, all who watch the tape die seven days after. The young Katie wants to laugh it off, claiming that she watched the tape a week ago with some friends, and it is within minutes that she is suddenly killed in an unexplainable way, leading to the institutionalization of Becca. 

During Katie’s funeral, her family gathers together to mourn the unexpected death. Her mother Ruth is unable to believe that the cause of her healthy young daughter’s death was a stroke, as determined by the autopsy, and it’s then when she asks her sister, Katie’s aunt, who is a journalist, to dig deeper into the case so that they can find out what really happened to their beloved Katie. 

Rachel, Ruth’s sister, agrees to it, and soon she discovers that Katie’s friends passed away the very same night in really disturbing ways. Then she travels in the company of her son Aidan, who has a certain psychic skill, to the cabin where the four friends spent a weekend, and it is there where she finds the cursed tape. Once the tape ends, she receives a mysterious phonecall that makes her shiver, a mere whisper, “seven days”. 

To avoid the same fate that her niece suffered, Rachel must fight against the clock to resolve the mystery, beginning a thrilling journey to find an explanation and hopefully, lift the curse. 


There are plenty of curiosities in the visuals of The Ring! First of all, the title of the movie is honored in numerous scenes in which rings appear in the carpeting or the background. Also, and to add to the general “creepiness” of the environment, the director decided to remove all of the character’s shadows from the film, leaving them “floating” as if they didn’t belong there. As well, the lighthouse that appears in Moesko Island is a currently working lighthouse.