“You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up. Ironically, that’s not far from the truth.”

Can you tell the difference between reality and illusion? Is life a dream or an actuality? These are the questions at the heart of the visually appealing and mentally challenging movie – The Matrix. A dazzling cyber-adventure, The Matrix is a story that combines contextual excellence and technical brilliance to deliver what has become the benchmark of all 21st century sci-fi movies.

Character Development in The Matrix

There’s a general saying that we are what we do, and that is very true in The Matrix. By looking at someone’s actions, it is pretty easy to tell what they look like because, well, the things they do form a large part of how we define them.

Neo, the movie’s lead character, lives an illusion created by a computer reality program. He doesn’t know this isn’t real and, through his self-proclaimed hacker job, he amassed wealth for himself. In his quest to discover what the Matrix is, he learns that his destiny is to save the world and all of mankind.

Well read in psychology, the Oracle – another character in The Matrix – is able to predict the future. The Oracle is a female with a chestnut skin and a short, black hair. Though she is viewed as human, she is essentially the handiwork of robots. Her other attributes include her love for cookies and everything sweet.

Played by Laurence Fishburne, Morpheus is another mysterious character in The Matrix. Morpheus is a strong presence who leads his crew with so much bravery and rock-solid confidence that he is willing to even die for Neo in order to protect him. His stylish sunglasses are a highlight throughout the movie.

The character play in The Matrix is one we all can relate with. Loyalty, bravery and strength are some of the major attributes played out by the different characters. It is no wonder The Matrix first iteration released on March 24, 1999 has set the tone for other sci-fi movies since then.

Scene Development in The Matrix

The Matrix became a cult classic from the get-go, and this was especially due to its fine blend of originality and a bit of ‘confusion’. Its compelling storyline, slick visuals and diverse acting cast made it an action film with depth. But the story is much more than we saw on our screens. It’s extensive and superb use of realistically developed computer-generated images (CGI) forever changed the Hollywood movie landscape.

Fun fact: Actors and actresses were required to pull some insane stunts during the movie. However, while performing her first major motion picture, Carrie Anne Moss suffered a horrible injury, but hid it for fear of being recast. She already felt lucky enough to get the nod ahead of some of the hottest actresses at the time, so she didn’t tell anyone about her injury. Now you know.

The Matrix is a science-fiction movie which portrays a dystopian future where humans are unknowingly trapped inside a computer-created reality, the Matrix, developed by intelligent machines to fool humans into serving them while using their bodies as energy supply. The visuals are slick and unique, and have possibly set the tone for others like it to follow. The movie inspire viewers with its allusions and its slick visuals are unique, and set the tone for other sci-fi movies that followed.