Paranormal Activity (2009)

Paranormal Activity is the first film of an extremely successful saga that changed its own genre for the better. The film was originally conceived as an independent feature that captivated the critics in its original release in film festivals and was later acquired by Paramount Pictures, which subjected the film to minor changes, including a new ending. Paranormal Activity is considered to be the most profitable film ever made. 


It’s 2006 when the couple formed by Katie and Micah, who have been in a fruitful relationship for around two years, buy a new house in San Diego. Katie has a history of being haunted by a dark presence, and when she starts feeling uneasy in her new home, she shares her concerns with her partner. It is then when Micah, who is skeptical but wishes to support her, decides to set up a recording system in their bedroom with the intention of recording any paranormal activity that could be occurring in the house while they sleep.

The first recordings of the camera don’t show anything particularly concerning, mainly noises and a few cracks here and there, but these are enough to concern Katie who then contacts a famous psychic, Dr. Fredrichs, and invites him to pay a visit to the property where she shares the story of the haunting that she suffered as a child. After exploring the property and conversing with Katie, Dr. Fredrichs concludes that it is not the house that is haunted, but Katie, who has an evil identity attached to herself that feeds of attention and negative energy. 

The psychic considers this entity to be out of his scope, so he refers Katie and Micah to a famous demonologyst who may be able to deal with this sort of entity, but Micah, who still doesn’t believe that the haunting is real, refuses to contact him and continues the investigation on his own, leading to the escalation of the paranormal events around the couple and the eventual possession of Katie. 


Paranormal Activity is a film full of curiosities! The production was made with a budget of $11,000 and it was recorded in just 10 days in the home of Oren Peli, the director, who allegedly came up with the idea after being waken up in the middle of the night by a box of detergent that had flown from its place without apparent explanation. 

The film was also made without a script. Instead, the actors were given some ideas about how to act and how to react to the events in the movie, but they didn’t have a set dialogue, so the film is mainly improvised. 

During the first screening of the movie, people were so terrified that they were leaving the premises! It is said that Steven Spielberg himself refused to watch the recording that was sent to him because of how disturbing it was.