28 Days Later (2002)

28 Days Later is a very well written and amazingly creepy movie directed by Danny Boyle who is also responsible for the direction of other good movies like Sunshine and Trainspotting. All of Danny Boyle’s movies have a tragic feel to them and 28 Days Later is one that is especially tragic. 

28 Days Later follows the sad story of Jim, the main protagonist of the film who was a bike courier in London. After an accident Jim found himself waking up from a coma after a whole month. In this month a lot of crazy things had happened. After a bunch of very serious animal right activists started freeing animals from zoos, one group unknowingly released a monkey that had been infected with the ‘rage’ virus, which causes all those affected by it to lose their minds and turn into zombie like creatures. The released monkey eventually found its way towards other people and attacked them. This caused humans to get infected and one thing led to another, almost every person in London was now a enraged, heartless and terrifying monster because of the rage virus. 

Due to being in a coma for almost over a month, Jim had no idea what was going on and was obviously terrified to see that the entirety of the gigantic city of London was empty, as there was not a single human being in sight. Eventually while exploring through the buildings and houses in London, Jim stumbled upon some victims of the rage virus. Completely shocked and terrified, Jim runs for his life and doesn’t stop once. While on the run and hoping to save himself, Jim finds himself at the mercy of 2 survivors and the side protagonists of the movie, Selena and Frank.

Selena and Frank, unlike Jim, were around the time the outbreak of the virus started and went through and saw many horrifying things. Frank was a simple cab driver who saw people going crazy and attacking each other, mercilessly, till the other had died. Seeing this unfold before his eyes Frank ditched everything, including his cab and ran home to his family, who apparently had already fallen to the infection. Similarly, Selena was another innocent human being who worked as a chemist and had no clue as to why everyone around her had started to lose their minds. According to Selena herself, she had to kill her husband David as well as both of her parents and brother. This made her the stone cold survivor she is in the movie.

Over all 28 Days Later is a great take on the zombie genre and a great horror movie. Unlike the traditional horror film, there aren’t any heroes in the world of 28 Days Later, instead its every man for himself, with some people even leaving their children behind to die. 28 Days Later is a very creepy and exhilarating movie, and on top of the great horror and good story, the producers of the film chose a great selection of music for the soundtrack, including the now iconic ‘’In the house, In a heartbeat’’.