Triangle (2009)

A stricken vessel finds rescue from an eerie and deserted ship, floating at sea. Or maybe it isn’t that deserted?

Triangle is a twisting adventure of suspense that keeps the viewer routed to the spot. As the story begins we meet, Jess, played by Mellisa George (Dark City, Mullholland Drive) unable to cope with her autistic son and answering a call at the door. She discovers that nobody is there and continues getting ready to go out. Jess meets her friends for a day of sailing where we meet Greg, Sally, Sally’s husband Downey and their friend Heather along with teenage runaway Victor. The weather is beautiful and perfect for their day out and the friends enjoy the sun and sea.

It doesn’t take long before disaster strikes and the sailing boat is caught in a storm, the crew tries contacting the coast guard but instead receives a terrifying distress signal. The storm eventually capsizes the vessel and as the friends struggle to survive, one is swept away to sea while the remaining group clings to the overturned boat. As the storm clears the friends are buoyed by the arrival of an ocean liner and board the ship as it passes, grateful for their rescue. Soon they discover that the ship is deserted yet signs of recent life surround them.

The group of friends grows uneasy in this sinister environment as Jess begins feeling a strong sense of déjà vu and appears to recognize areas of the ship, although she realizes this is impossible. Exploring the ship they begin to find artifacts that suggest they are not as alone as they feared. As Jess catches sight of someone, Victor gives chase.

Jess begins to see messages around the ship and it becomes clear they are not alone. Whoever is on the ship is hunting the group one by one and Jess must try and solve the mystery of who is trying to kill her friends and why she seems linked to this.

The film Triangle is an unmissable psychological tale that twists and turns throughout the story. Viewers witness the struggle of the friends through the perspective of Jess from the start of the film to the jarring final twist. The cause of the mystery deepens with each layer of the plot, each part of what the viewer has already seen becomes a newly-identified piece of the overall puzzle, when this puzzle is finally solved the viewer must decide what the final outcome was, guessing well after the credits have rolled. Directed by Christopher Smith (Creep, Severance) this film initially disguises itself as a struggling and potentially abusive mother looking for redemption to one showing that all sins are punishable.

While viewers consider these angles the film evolves into something entirely different that commands more than one viewing. The story is masterfully produced and the script provides a platform for the building dread, which builds to a finale where the viewer is probably watching with their mouths open. The setting onboard the ship provides a claustrophobic and winding maze which almost acts as a character of its own in how the atmosphere is built. Each corridor and blind turning the characters take has the audience holding their breath.

Combining so many different elements of different horror genres, Triangle manages to take the best of each of these to combine into a thrilling adventure full of twists that further engross the viewer.