Stay (2005)

A psychiatrist’s worse nightmare starts a race against time to understand his patient and prevent tragedy.

A fatal car crash on the Brooklyn Bridge introduces us to Henry, played by Ryan Gosling (Murder by Numbers, The Notebook), the only survivor of the crash who is left completely unharmed. We then meet Sam, played by Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting, The Island) and his girlfriend Lila, played by Naomi Watts (The Ring, The Impossible) who is a former patient. The plot has moved forward as Sam is discussing his new patient, Henry, who he describes as depressed and suffering from survivors’ guilt after the events witnessed in the opening of the film.

While in therapy with Sam, Henry states that he can predict future events and seems to have begun developing a dissociative disorder. Sam is distrustful of the events leading up to Henry becoming his patient is shocked when Henry reveals his plans to commit suicide within the coming days, setting the time for this attempt.

Sam recruits his girlfriend and former patient, Lila, who herself is a survivor of a suicide attempt and they both set out to find a way to prove to Henry that life is worth living and he should not take his own life. As Sam investigates further into Henry’s life the mystery begins to deepen as details revealed by Henry are shown to be false. As the plot continues things continue to become more and more inconsistent with people seemingly not being as first believed.

Sam’s own sanity starts to unravel as more and more inconsistencies are revealed and attempt’s to discover more about Henry pose more questions than answers.

The film arrives at the climactic finale and as time has run out for Sam and Lila, they must try to make sense of the events around them and desperately attempt to save Henry’s life. As the story concludes we realize that nothing is what it seemed and that the events that played out were very different from the actual events that were occurring. Detailing the moments between life and death, the viewer pieces together the shattered stories and reveals the ultimate conclusion of the relationship between Henry, Sam, and Lila.

Directed by Marc Forster (Finding Neverland, Quantum of Solace) the film details the jarring realities of grief and loss. Moving the story through a full circle before the viewer arrives at the conclusion where all mysteries are revealed. The style of this film has been compared to similar styles of Memento and The Sixth Sense so viewers are guaranteed an evolving story that will keep them tightly gripped from the opening scenes to the shocking climax and very possibly beyond as they try to decipher the many clues throughout the story.