Resident Evil offers much more than dumb fun. While critics may call it brainless, there is a reason the zombie action film has grossed more than a billion dollars worldwide since its release in 2002.

Are you a fan of zombie movies? Then you must have enjoyed this enthralling film which tells how humanity is turned into rabid undead through the spread of a virus. A few odd characters make for a great highlight overall, and strong performances from female actresses make Resident Evil film an edge-of-the-seat thriller.

Character Development in Resident Evil

Alice is the leading character of the Resident Evil series. She awakens with no memories only to find herself accosted by a strike team of bioengineered zombie dogs. As the story tells, the mansion where she finds herself is the entrance to a secret underground facility managed by the Umbrella Corporation, called the Hive.

Rain Ocampo – an employee at the Umbrella Corporation – is one of the operatives sent to contain the infection and shut the Red Queen down. Rain and Alice developed a close relationship during the Hive incident, and this relationship almost proves crucial as Alice administers an antivirus to Rain after she is bitten by one of the infected. Unfortunately, the effects of the infection could not be reversed by the antivirus and Alice has to kill Rain when she is revived as a zombie.

Matt Addison – another interesting character – poses as an officer in the Raccoon City police department. In his quest to unearth the workings behind the Umbrella Corporation, he sends his sister to work for the corporation in order to steal information and expose it for ‘illegal’ activities. This didn’t end too well as Matt loses his sister after the release of T-virus by the Hive, and is arrested by the corporation’s operatives.

Scene Development in Resident Evil

You probably know that most movie stunts are not real. Filmmakers create computer-generated realities that appear real, but are actually illusions. But this is not the case with one of the most popular acts in the Resident Evil, Alice (Milla Jovovich).

Milla Jovovich, known as Alice in the movie, did most of her stunts. Yes, it is all her in action when she jumps off a wall to kick a zombie dog. In fact, she spent three whole months training to perform one such stunt in the movie. As the Resident Evil film is concerned, there is only one stunt scene Milla Jovovich did not perform: where she did a pipe jump in the sewer. This stunt was computer-generated as the movie producers where concerned the hanging wires could strangle her.

Ultimately, the Resident Evil story is about a woman is wakes up to an unpleasant reality, refuses to back down as she takes charge of her situation, and becomes a leading figure who helps other survivors. Finally, she confronts those who enslaved her in order to take absolute control of her destiny. Through monsters, zombies, monsters and powerfully armed women, the Resident Evil series tells a story about a woman’s strength and self-awakening.