Naked Lunch (1991)

It’s a bug’s life, in the craziest possible way!

Bill is a bug exterminator. After a routine day at work he discovered his wife using his exterminating powder as a narcotic claiming “try this, you feel like a bug!” Despite the fact that this should be warning enough, Bill follows his wife into abusing the bug powder and seeks further and further highs using the tools of his trade. A shadowy government operation becomes involved as Bill begins to see beyond the veil and is transported on an adventurous journey involving secret aliens and trying to avoid the manipulations of the bug people. As the tale continues Bill must face up to the consequences of his actions and try to maintain his sanity in this strange new world…especially when his Clark Nova typewriter begins to communicate with him.

Naked lunch is the crazed tale about what happens when people begin to use bug exterminating powder as a drug. Unsure about what is part of the chemically induced hallucination and what is real, the two worlds begin to blend and blur together with disastrous consequences and actions that cannot be undone. The mental transformations begin to become physical and this further twists the line between fantasy and reality.

Directed by David Cronenburg (The Fly, Dead Ringers) and based on the William S Burroughs novel, this is another example of the insane world that Cronenburg is famous for creating. While this subject material might be deeply confusing at first glance, the story has a genuine story to tell and actions are met with consequences that are rational within the world in which the story takes place. Viewers will be deeply entertained by this work of art whilst maintaining a distinct feeling of discomfort throughout.