Dragon Day (2013)

There’s a reason people support “Made in America”!

Duke Evans, played by Ethan Flower (Mallrats, Live Free or Die Hard) moves his family out the middle of small town America. Hoping to build a better and more simple lives after Duke leaves the NSA, who he has been working as an engineer. Meanwhile in China the Chinese and American political tensions reach breaking point as China activates a secret weapon to show once and for all that the Americans are not as all powerful as they believe and must honour its debts.

A virus is sent out which causes every single microchip produced in china to cease working and almost instantaneously the US grinds to a halt. Everything that is controlled electronically has stopped working from cash machines, to technology that governs the safety and sanitation of huge cities. Planes fall to Earth and infrastructure collapses.

It’s a nightmare scenario as people realize just how much of their lives are being controlled by micro chips and how defenseless they are without them. Without any electricity many communities starve and lawlessness becomes rampant as Duke tries to save his family and his country.

Some pockets of society form roving bands of outlaws looking to pillage any supplies they can in what is rapidly becoming a post apocalyptic world. As the Peoples Liberation Army of China commences the land invasion, conditions worsen for the population, under a cruel Chinese martial dictatorship which places a curfew on all residents. The family must lead a fightback for their own country, but must first begin with a fightback for their own technology.

Directed by Jeffrey Travis (Pollution, Elegy), Dragon Day is a technophobes fears come to life and analyzes the over reliance on technology to run the systems that keep people alive and control everything the human race do.