1408 (2007)

1408 is a film based on the homonym title written by the master of horror Stephen King. One if the most interesting aspects of the film was recording a thriller in which just one character in one room was dominating the whole story. 

The film was well received by the critics, some of which considered the film to be the best of the adaptations of Stephen King’s novels, highlighting the absence of bloody or gory elements during the film, giving priority to more psychological elements to successfully cause terror to the audience. 


The Dolphin is a hotel on Lexington Avenue, in the busy city of New York where a series of paranormal events have taken place. Since Kevin O’Malley, a very important businessman, committed suicide in the room 95 years ago, a total of 56 deaths have occurred in the room, all of which are considered suicides or deaths by natural causes. 

Mike Enslin is a skeptical author that is devoted to writing novels of mystery, suspense and the paranormal, despite not professing a belief for the paranormal himself. He lives a tormented life, apart from his wife Lily, for their relationship didn’t survive the death of Katie, the couple’s only child. It is after the release of his last book that he receives a postcard depicting The Dolphin with a single line as a message, “Don’t enter 1408”. Enslin, perceiving this as a challenge, decides to make a reservation requesting that specific room. 

Upon his arrival, Gerald, the manager of the hotel, does his best to persuade Mike to not enter the room, giving him an account of the terrible deaths that have occurred in the room in dubious circumstances and even offers him an upgrade and other benefits if he chooses not to stay. However; Mike remains unimpressed and despite the warning that he will not last for more than an hour, he proceeds to stay the night. 

During his first minutes in the room, Mike prepares his recorder and leaves his remarks about the absolute lack of supernatural elements of the room, but it is then when the paranormal events start to happen, haunting the author with morbid images of his sick daughter. After that, he attempts to escape the room, but his efforts prove to be futile, and so the story begins. 


There are a number of references to the number 13 hidden in the film, particularly the sum of digits remarkable to the story, such as 1408 or 1912, the year of the first suicide, or the number of Lexington Street where the hotel is located, 2254, that total 13 when added. The film ends in exactly an hour since the beginning of the 60:00 countdown featured in the movie.